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Patsy Forg

High School Humanities Teacher

"A reader lives a thousand lives before they die." 


Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I'm so happy you're here. Around the site, you'll learn more about who I am as a human, an educator, and a reader. You'll find student work, project details, my big ideas, and my progress through my master's program.

What I'm currently reading...

half lost.jpeg

For fun...

This book has most likely been on my to-read list for months or even years, and is finally getting the love it deserves since it's finally left my over-crowded bookshelf.

Half Lost is a young adult fantasy book that explores themes of justice, injustice, identity, self-discovery, and revolution.


For growth...

This non-fiction book is one of many that I'm reading to change how I think & live, whether it's about education, feminism, racism, history, or social sciences. 

Pushout is a book that explores the criminalization of Black girls in society, which often starts in school.



Ms. Patsy Forg

I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out any time.
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